You Have An Hour To Escape!

The appeal of escape rooms

playing escape rooms
play these escape rooms at your own peril!

Having fun and at the same time putting your minds to a test, what a great idea… and sinister! In fact, at places like Escape Kent that’s exactly something you get when you play any escape rooms adventure games, instead of sometimes actually sitting there and doing nothing, you get out for a great time and a test of your skills. Or,  you’ve just been locked in a room apparently impossible to escape from!

The premise

It can be a standard room, a dingy hotel or an even a dungeon where you suddenly discover you’ve been locked in. After you get over your short moment of panic, you have to start scanning the interior your in to start finding clues to help you escape, even if it’s even most insignificant (at first sight at least) objects. You maybe told by which mysterious ways you’ve landed there and sometimes some very useful information about that strange place you’re in by unseen narrator. Quite scary, but at the very time very thrilling to identify yourself as the protagonist of this dilemma you find your playing!

Can you see?

So, we’ve got this part all cleared up: in every story there is a locked room you have to figure out how to escape from. Their second major characteristic is that the room is always filled with hidden clues on how you could find your way out, will you be able to find all of them? Scan everything, don’t spare any object you can find in the room. You can forget about doing the same old boring stuff on a Saturday afternoon, going shopping, meeting the lads down the pub, watching mindless telly. Challenge yourself, your partner or a group of mates to something kind of less boring instead, escape rooms represent a great way to spend time out of the house.